February 11, 2016


Today, I am sharing this little pink piggy with you. She is just under 4" tall and full of sweetness!  Her name is Oinkette and she is a pet to one of my blythe dolls. Yes, dolls have pets too! *wink* 

Below is Oinkette on the day she arrived. I love receiving items that are beautifully wrapped and Dew Drop Teddy Bears items come with the sweetest tag and little card! 

Pretty cards, paper doilies, tags or ribbon are added to the inspiration board of my studio desk along with other little bits and personal mementos. 

What has been keeping you out of trouble? The past couple of weeks have really flown on by while I've been busy setting up my blog and updating my Facebook page. Luckily, there is google search and my wonderful husband is a great help! I am happy with the look so far and am sure that I'll discover more improvements as I move forward. Right now I am suffering with a lousy cold, sitting here with watery eyes and a runny nose while I pin some favorites. Notice my new pink heart pin it button?  Yeah!!!! :)

Happy early Valentine's Day! Remember to be sweet to yourself year-round! 

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