February 15, 2016

Doll Hobby = Doll Photography

Doll photography! It is one of my favorite parts of this hobby next to sewing and creating

February 12, 2016

The Stress Dress

A new dress for Joycie but she doesn't want some grumpy girl's hand-me-downs!

So cute!
Long-ago dolly!
Shh ..she looks pissed!

I think she wants it back!
Just look at her!

February 11, 2016


Today, I am sharing this little pink piggy with you. She is just under 4" tall and full of sweetness!  Her name is Oinkette and she is a pet to one of my blythe dolls. Yes, dolls have pets too! *wink* 

February 6, 2016

That's a Wrap!

Sharing photos from our archives is now complete!


Flore is being reinvented! No longer a fairy but instead a superfluous French lady.

Wearing a Sleeping Elf wig which I styled into this exquisite coiffure. 

Rolls trimmed in pearls and little rhinestone hair pins to finish off the look.

Flore deserves (demands?) a wardrobe of fancy new gowns and a proper "coming out" photo shoot! Each time I look at her, I am reminded to get my butt back in gear and finish the gowns and dioramas than I have planned just for her. 

February 5, 2016

Fanceen & Jucika

Fanceen is not the typical Blythe doll in my collection. Her little teeth are clearly visible and her expression quirky, making her appear full of mischief! I smile just looking at her.

February 3, 2016


I just love how these photos of Crystalline turned out! They could not be any more dreamy! She is wearing a blythe doll dress made by myself and a Little Ditzies gnome hat topped with a Mab Graves bow. Lila World dolls are easy to pose and they stay in position!

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