January 30, 2016

Beautiful Lemony

The Nest Keeper

Strawberry Shortcake Luncheon

Apple Of My Eye

Tia - A Lovely Addition

Tia is my first Blythe doll with eyebrows. She looks as though she is having a deeper thought than any dolly should have. ;)


I love the rich auburn shade of her hair and all of the curls. Kiandra is a gorgeous custom by Art14. Her base doll is a factory/fake.

Fun with Wigs

Crimson looks like an antique porcelain doll in this wig, which is exactly where it came from! It is so full of curls and looks rich and shiny. I usually photograph Blythe dolls with their much shorter legs, so the Lila dolls with their long legs is a nice change.


Adorable 4" LPS Petites

Middie Sized

I have three Middie Blythe dolls but I don't photograph them very often. Their size is cute but the lack of articulation is a challenge.  I think once I customize my girls I will enjoy photographing them more. I am just not a love of the shine or the stock make-up. 

A New Look

 I absolutely LOVE Miss Carousella now! Her new look is amazing! 

January 29, 2016

Bloom Sisters

Crystalline and Crimson as Snow White and Rose Red. 

Petit Macaron and Cherry Berry Cupcake

Lila World Arrivals

Please welcome Crystalline and Crimson, my Lila World dolls by Soom. These girls are so sweet and their quality is excellent!  They balance very well and I was easily able to get them to stand without leaning against anything.

Beach Party

Plump Princess

Midnight Snack

We are loving our kitchen diorama! The lighted microwave and coffee pot are pretty neat! 

Mysterious Letters

These photos of Flore have been edited in PicMonkey giving each a very different effect. The original was taken in December before we had any snow. 


Modeling Gig

Lemony models for a local textile company. 

Vintage Sewing Machine

A German vintage toy sewing machine found in an antique shop. 

The Cottonelle paper dress challenge.

Not in the sewing mood. Visions of sugarplums danced in her head.

Wine About It !!!

Joycie had plenty to wine about! First she was tricked into posing between two Santa impostors and then she was required to wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Washing Day

Busy little mommy.

A Wish

Capturing the wonder and magic of the holiday season.

Little Sewist


January 28, 2016

First Full Custom

I am so proud of myself! Eenie Q - Custom #1.  
Mimi Bobeck or Licca body?  I decided that Joycie would be a plus-sized darling!

A Special Arrival !!!

This gorgeous custom is by Anniedollz. 
She wears a custom wig and fairy costume all created by Anniedollz. The petal dress is constructed beautifully and really is a stunning piece.  So much attention to detail! 

A Fairy Sighting!

Lemony spots a garden fairy outside her doll room window.

Miss C @ Christmastime


Polly is the first doll that I put together. Taking apart a Blythe doll and then reassembling her can be very nerve wracking in the beginning. I boggled and gaze corrected her, replaced her lashes and eye chips, painted her lids and added new pulls.

Meet Miss Carousella

Miss Carousella was my first custom Blythe. The moment she arrived I knew I was hooked! It was when I truly fell in love with this hobby!

January 27, 2016

Say Hello to Sakura!

Sakura arrived nicely wrapped with her lids closed to display her cherry blossom artwork.

Doll Room for a Doll

Today I am featuring a Blythe doll named Lemony. I love her sweet pouty smile and her carvings & repaint are just gorgeous in person.  

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